Maori Doll Wahine 20cm with Poi
Maori Doll Wahine 20cm with Poi

Our Maori Wahine is dressed in a real feathered Korowai (Cloak) and grass piupiu (skirt).
She wears a head band and has her poi ready to preform a traditional action song.

Size: Stands 20cm high and comes in a clear box.

Our Maori Warrior Doll is made from plastic.
Please note each doll is individually dressed and no two are exactly the same.
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The Maori people dressed in different designs according to thier Iwi (tribal groups) and their rank within the tribe.
Cloaks were made from feathers or woven from flax. Piupiu skirts were made from flax

Poi are featured in action songs at important ceremonial occasions, conveying a myriad of meanings through movement and gesture. They were made of Raupo.