Traveller's Survival Kit

Traveller's Survival Kit
Traveller's Survival Kit

Four 15g retro-tins with essential travel items.

Set includes:
- Natural sunblock SPF25 (Good on Ya)
- Muscle rub (Hard Yakka)
- Natural insect repellant (Bugger Off)
- Skin repair balm (She'll be Right).

Each tin holds 15g and measures 4cm x 1.6cm

Made in the Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
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Hard Yakka - A warming rub to ease sore muscles after a hard day's work....or recreation. Will also ease arthritis rheumatism and lumbago. A pleasant smelling blend of St. John's Wort which improves circulation; Meadowsweet is a natural painkiller and Mullein (an anti-inflammatory). The flowers of these plants are infused in olive oil for several weeks in the sun.

Bugger Off - A gentle salve to help keep mozzies, sandflies and other annoying insects away. It will also soothe itching from bites and stings. The backbone of this repellant is the Titoki tree or the NZ Oakan attractive tree widespread in the Hawke's Bay. Traditionally used by the Maori, the Titoki leaves have no noticeable smell but repel insects and relieve itching. We've taken the liberty of enhancing it's effectiveness by adding essential oils of NZ Manuka (Tea Tree) and Aussie Lemon Gum.

She'll be Right - A valuable First Aid and antiseptic cream to ease pain and promote healing. Safe to apply to cuts scrapes grazes bruises cracked skin and any other minor injuries you may inflict upon yourself. Our Comfrey and Calendula Ointment is also referred to as "Green Magic" to those familiar with its many uses.

Good on Ya - A rich balm of coconut oil olive oil carrot oil beeswax with zinc oxide not only protects skin from the sun but also provides rich nourishment. It does not sting the eyes and is therefore a good sunblock for little kids and big kids! It has a certified SPF of over 30.

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