Throwing Shade Game

Throwing Shade Game
Throwing Shade Card Game.

So, you think you're good at Throwing Shade? Your friends will be the judge of that...

Throwing Shade is the hilariously insulting party game where you're rewarded for being mean to your friends. Cards contain salty insults in a "Who's most likely to..." format. Your task is to use them in combinations of 3 to created weapons-grade shade that'll have your victims running for cover.

Your friends vote for who they think the shade is aimed at, if it matches yours, you score points. Score the most points, with the game...and the title of "Shadiest of the Shady".

Example of cards:
"Who's the most likely to invite you over for dinner and then make you 'pay for your share' of the meal?"
"Who's the most likely to think they're something special because their name appears on a bottle of Coke?"
"Who's the most likely to spend 2 hours on Tik Tok before they've even gotten out of bed?"

Box contains 140 cards.
Recommended for ages 15+
Players 3-6

Box size - 17cm x 11.5cm x 4cm
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