Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Ring of Fire Drinking Game
Adults Only - 18+

This game isn’t for the faint hearted, play at your own risk with friends and family. Whatever you do, don’t be the last one to drink from the king’s cup!

I'm sure we've all played a version of this at some stage of our life, but this game uses real command cards, saving untold arguments about which card means what.

How to play:
1 - To start the game, place the cup in the centre of the table.
2 - Next place the cards in a ring around the cup. The cards must overlap so there are no gaps between them.
3 - The oldest person in the group must start first. They must pick a card and follow the rule on it. This car must then be placed to the side.
4 - Game play continues clockwise until the last of the four 'King's Cup' cards is played. The recipient of this card drinks the 'King's Cup' which has been filled with a mix of drinks throughout the game.

In the box you'll find 5 cups and a pack of 52 'Ring of Fire' command cards.
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