JoMo The Joy of Missing Out

JoMo The Joy of Missing Out
The age of FOMO is over. This is the age of JOMO: the Joy of Missing Out.

A Game of Obscene excuses.

#JOMO sets you the task of excusing yourself from some of life's most tedious, boring or just plain dreadful events and activities in hilarious ways. You know, the baby gender reveals, books clubs and holidays to Cancun.

How to Play:
Players try to match your answer card to the question card. Funniest answer wins.

Example Play:
Question Card
- Sorry, I can't come to your baby gender reveal party,
Answer Cards
#1 - The thought of it makes me feel sick
#2 - I'd rather eat my own s#$!
#3 - I have too many Instagram followers to be seen in public with you.

Boxed pack includes 300 cards.
Best for 4 or more players
Ages 18+

Box size - 18.5cm x 12cm x 5cm
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