Intuition Book

Intuition Book
Intuition is your superpower.

Your intuition holds an immense creative energy that we can tap into to help us give meaning to our life and makes positive difference in this world. It can provide us with solutions when we known how to access the limitless knowledge that lies within us all.

‘Intuition, is a lexicon, that supports you to connect to your inner wisdom. The magnificent images will captivate your senses and the insights you discover, will cultivate a deeper sense of trust in yourself and awaken that, which has always been within you.’ - Tracy Manu

This book will hopefully help you to connect more with your source, your God, your spirituality and who you truly are. I recommend you use the book to reveal the deeper, truer you, and to connect at a soul level with all the knowledge of the universe that is held within you.

Simply flick to a page of the book, after asking what you need for the day. Pair the book with our set of Intuition cards for the perfect gift.

Size: 210 mm x 275 mm 109 Pages
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