Grumpy the Dwarf by Britto

Grumpy the Dwarf by Britto
Grumpy the Dwarf from Snow White.

We all instantly know someone who Grumpy Dwarf reminds us of. We love them dearly, but don't you dare move the TV remote!
This is a delightfully grumpy figurine - ooh, he's in a rage - we're not sure why, but it's definitely not because of his funky brightly painted clothes which the artist, Romero Britto has really gone all-out with. He even has mismatched shoes and socks.

Size: 7.5 cm high

Comes boxed.

About the Artist:
Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. He combines elements of cubism, pop art, and graffiti painting in his work, using vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual expression of hope, dreams, and happiness.
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