Pounamu Pendant with diagonal design

Pounamu Pendant with diagonal design
Beautiful pounamu/greenstone toki pendant with koru design.

Genuine New Zealand Pounamu.

Comes with an information card which includes this description of the design, plus more info on the stone.
"The Koru design is individually carved in to this piece using the latest design and carving techniques. The Koru represents the unfolding frond of the native fern tree and is the basis of all New Zealand indigenous art. The Koru represents new life or a rebirth and a connection to the land. It is the ultimate good luck symbol. When carved into the stone it is a symbol of strength and togetherness with a new and positive future for the wearer."

Made in New Zealand.

Measures, 4.5cm long.

Please note that as no two pieces of pounamu are the same, each pendant will differ slightly in colour to what is shown.

***We have a huge range of greenstone earrings and pendants in our Whangarei store. All genuine New Zealand Pounamu greenstone and shaped here in New Zealand.***
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