Cheese Knife Set
Cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese!

Now here's tbe perfect gift for us cheese lovers. Whatever the cheese, this beautifully presented box has the knife for the job.

Set of 6 Stainless Steel cheese knives.

- Open Blade Knife - 15cm - For cutting soft and semi-soft cheese like Brie, Camembert and Havarti

- Flat Cheese Knife - 13cm - Cut crumbly soft cheese like Blue, Gorgonzola and Feta, or shave frim cheese like Swiss, Parmesan and aged cheddars

- Cheese Fork - 13cm - Use to hold cheese in place or to break hard cheeses

- Heart Knife - 13.5cm - All purpose knife to score the rind of hard cheeses, open wheels, divide wedges and cut cheeses into bite-sized pieces

- Plane Knife - 13cm - Best suited to cutting semi-firm cheeses like Cheddar and Gouda as well as soft cheeses like Brie

- Spreader Knife - 13cm - PErfect for spreading soft, spreadable cheeses like Ricotta, Cottage and Cream Cheese.

cheese fork, plane knife, 13.5cm heart knife and spreader knife

Comes in a two part presentation box as shown.

Box Size:: 25cm W x 3cm H x 17.5cm D
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