Kiwiana Wedding Gifts

Kiwiana Wedding Gifts

Quirky and quintessentially New Zealand, kiwiana wedding gifts are loved by newlyweds worldwide. Kiwis love gifts which remind them of their heritage, while couples overseas love being given a unique wedding gift they can cherish.

What is Kiwiana?

Kiwiana is held close to the heart of New Zealanders. It’s the weird, wonderful and unusual icons and objects which show what really makes us a Kiwi! Usually from the 20th century, kiwiana items are as random as gumboots and black singlets to buzzy bees and jandals.   Kiwiana wedding gifts are also something which represents our beautiful country and are often made with local materials such as NZ merino, native timber and paua shells. Other popular NZ made wedding gifts feature our local flora and fauna or are traditional Maori cloaks or Maori hand carvings.

Tips on Choosing the Best Kiwiana Wedding Gifts

Buying a wedding present is easy, if you know what the couple wants! You can spend hours hunting through online gift shops and still not find anything. To help you out, here are our top tips on finding the perfect kiwiana wedding gifts:

  • Consider the couple’s personalities. Are they reserved or outgoing? Do they like bright colours or muted? A conservative couple will enjoy the muted tones of NZ artist Barry Ross Smith’s Weathered.  A few tinnies round the barbie by NZ artist Tony Cribbs is a popular more modern type artwork for outgoing couples.

  • Think about their hobbies. For the sports mad couple, there would be nothing more treasured than All Black themed gifts. As the greatest rugby team on earth (and no we are not biased!), the All Blacks hold a special place in our kiwiana wedding gift selection.

  • For the happy couple who has everything, how about a collection of New Zealand food? This can be sent both within NZ and overseas.

  • Consider giving traditional wedding gifts, but with a twist. Newlyweds are not often setting up a home from scratch anymore. But that’s not to say you can’t give them a wonderful NZ piece of home décor! Our Rimu and Paua Platters are not only useful items for dinner parties and BBQ, but a real talking point when displayed in a home too.

  • Go eco-friendly. Possums are a pest here in NZ and there is a push to reduce their numbers in the wild. Possum fur clothing make wonderful kiwiana wedding gifts for both the bride and groom. Warm, so soft and incredibly light, possum fur clothing is the ultimate luxury.

With our same day shipping and free gift wrapping, we can even send the newlyweds a gift on your behalf! Take a look through our online gift store – we know you’ll love it too!

Posted: Wednesday 22 February 2017


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